Black Adam Pre-screening 2 weeks ago that I thought posted but guess not.

First off, let me say that I am shocked it took this long for Dwayne The Rock Johnson to be in a superhero movie however I know from reading interviews that he waited for this specific superhero so it makes more sense. What doesn’t make sense is the majority of the film. Now I am not a comic book connoisseur and I have never claimed to be AND when I am watching a film to review I don’t feel like I should be. What I do know is that many comics have similar storylines in different universes and each universe has a rich and diverse history with their characters. I get that. What I don’t get is how 1 film can encompass multiple similarities in several films from both universes. There’s The Suicide Squad , Shazam! Movie , Guardians of the Galaxy , Avengers EndGame Avengers ThunderCats X-Men Movies and Doctor Strange
Now one or two I can understand but certain sequences are almost identical to the films I mentioned. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the action and the CGI but there is a LOT to take in with almost 98% of the characters being introduced in just this film and most with minimal backstory. The problem I have with that is in my opinion the film sets up acts of upcoming demise of characters and wants the audience to feel for them more than is natural for someone we just met 30 minutes ago. One thing I will say is that Teth Adam doesn’t just kill the bad guys he DESTROYS them.
Something that really annoyed me that may seem trivial but when dealing with the time and money put into CGI that didn’t make any sense to me with the accuracy that was put into it, why have a superhero have a cape that can get shot up and torn apart like it was a rag? I’ve never seen another superhero go thru that with their wardrobe so why do that with him?
‘Some men are not meant to be heroes.’ is an understatement with what Teth Adam has to endure and yet sometimes it is those men that are the heroes we need.
However much I find fault with this movie, it was a fun watch in the theater and 2 things are certain, that post credit scene made everything worth it and it’s about damn time Aldis Hodge was in a superhero movie. About. Damn. Time.
Black Adam was released worldwide in theaters October 21st and I recommend go see it for some fun and homework before the sequel that I predict will be much better.

If you see me at the movies, I’ll be The Blonde in Front