Watch “The Blonde in Front of Fear Reviews: The Grudge” on YouTube

Listen to my first review of 2020 which has typical January horror film written ALL over it.

One of the BEST casts in a sequel I’ve seen in a LONG time. The acting was not the issue or misstep the film had in my opinion but the missed opportunities for reveals, scares, too many CGI corpses and a scattered storyline that was either reworked or just badly edited with the over abundance of flashbacks. I neglected to mention that William Sadler is also in the cast and (slight spoiler) there may be some triggers for some trying to have a baby and complications that can occur.

I would recommend watching the 2004 remake and its 2006 sequel instead.

If you see me at the movies, I’ll be the Blonde in Front 😉👱‍♀️🎬📽🎥🎞🤳